Star Wars presentations

Some days ago, KET2 students watched the film Star Wars Episode 1 in class and this week they have made a presentation giving their opinion about several characteristics of the film: They have talked about the characters, the plot, the soundtrack, special effects…
They have really enjoyed this activity and can’t wait to see the next film of the saga!


Listening to films

This week the students of KET2 have practised their listening skills with a scene of a film. In this case they have listened the Gun Scene from Terminator.
They have enjoyed the activity with this film they love and they have learned some informal vocabulary. What are our favourite films? Let’s think about it!

Our tv show!

Last Monday KET1 students prepared the interviews for the TV show we were planning to do. We had some cards and some of us were interviewers and the others, famous people that we chose. It was so fun and interesting, we loved it!




Learning About Different Jobs

This past week, we introduced new vocabulary of various jobs people have. After the introduction, we used different games to help remember each new word. Take a look at the videos to see which games we used this week!

Here, we used charades to put the words into action!

We even used memory to help recognize how each word is spelled!

Endangered animals

Flyers1 students worked on a project during some classes, they searched for information about their favourite endangered animal and planned how to organize everything. They did an amazing project and they could learn so much about endangered species in our world.

You can look at the picture we took and see the final result!

endangered animals

The City

STARTERS2 and MOVERS1 worked together to learn different buildings and areas of a city. They did a collaborative task to study basic prepositions to locate important buildings. It was a special day because they helped each other to do all the activities. Check yesterday’s class pictures!
IMG_4199 IMG_4200 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4205

Interviewing famous people

Last Wednesday, KET1 students started a new project in class in pairs to promote cooperative and collaborative learning. This project is about searching information about famous people like actors and actresses with their Ipads and plan an interview with them. After writing their own interviews we are planning to do a Kahoot in class to check what we learned about our celebrities. We are learning a lot and having so much fun!image (1) image (2) image